10 Ways to Find Contentment and Happiness in Life

10 Ways to Find Contentment and Happiness in Life

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OK – we’re about to get really deep here, so buckle up. I want to share the ways that you can find happiness in life and contentment in every season. We have one life and we’re all dealt a different hand of cards. I don’t know the hand you’ve been dealt, and you don’t know mine. However, I do know we’ve probably both complained about it at some point in our life.

We all have an ideal destination we want to arrive at; and we think we’ll finally find happiness in life once we’re there. We think that satisfaction lies at the end of a pathway. But I’m here to tell you that’s all wrong. Happiness should be a journey, not a destination.

So how do we find contentment and happiness in our journey? How do we stop comparing our lives to others and finally start being thankful for the hand we’ve been dealt? Let me tell you a few things that have helped me find happiness and peace in my life.  

Happiness in life

1. Put Down Your Phone

Stop observing the life of others and start living your own!

We create high expectations of ourselves because of the snippets we observe from our friends on social media. We even paint our own lives as perfect to meet the expectation.

Stop only finding joy in the highlights you post.

The reality is, life isn’t edited. Life can be boring and mundane. The trick is, making the most of those uninteresting moments. Don’t wait for special moments; create special moments. Find happiness in life, even when the camera isn’t rolling and friends aren’t around.

Also, be content with reality. You don’t need a screen to pass the time.

2. Stop Complaining

I know – sometimes we need to vent. However, there’s a thin line between venting and complaining.

Try to make your conversations productive and aim to solve the problem. If there’s no way to improve the situation, move on.

This can be so challenging! Everyone around us complains – people complain about work, other people, traffic, and so much more.

Sometimes it feels like people are actually competing to see who has it worse. I’m telling you right now, gain some self control and stop feeding into this.

This is one that takes practice. None of us are perfect and sometimes negativity will win. However, I truly believe this is an important step if you want to be content and happy with your life.

3. Take the time to thank God

Thanksgiving to God

Have you ever offered a prayer of thanks? I mean ONLY thanks.

I’m sure we’ve all expressed gratitude during prayer, but devoting a prayer solely to thanksgiving will give us perspective on how much we have to be grateful for.

Sit down for 30 minutes and talk to God. Give thanks for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Even in the worst of times, God is working in you and for you.

Tribulation can lead to personal growth and strength if you choose to let it. If you have food on your table and clothes on your back, you can be thankful. Being thankful will in turn make you happy with your life.  

4. Have meaningful conversations

I’m an introvert and there’s nothing I hate more than small talk. However, I’m not talking about small talk right now.

I’m talking about complex, interesting conversations.

Have you ever gotten off the phone with someone and felt rejuvenated? This is the kind of conversation I’m talking about.

Find people that help put life into perspective, inspire change, and refresh your outlook. Find connection!

This doesn’t have to come from strangers. It can come from your mom, significant other, best friend, or even a co-worker. Strive to have meaningful conversations every day and you will notice a difference in contentment and find happiness in everyday life.

5. Find something to be passionate about

For me, this one comes easy. I usually dive into things and devote a little too much time to them. I played softball for 12 years when I was younger and devoted most of my time to that. Now my passion is my Etsy Shop. During the school year, my passion is finding ways to connect with and teach my students.

Passions are always changing and evolving.

All you have to do is find what makes you tick. What do you enjoy researching and doing?

6. Practice kindness

Kindness does not always come naturally. It’s something that takes practice.

Here are some things you can do to practice kindness: surprise someone with a gift, offer to babysit for a struggling family, volunteer, donate, say hi to neighbors, wave to passing cars, compliment a stranger.

I think most people are kind when spoken to and would go out of their way when asked, but struggle with taking the initiative.

There are so many missed opportunities for kindness every day! Be mindful of them and try at least one act of kindness a day.

7. Step Out of Your comfort zone

I hate this one. Truly, I do. However, I wouldn’t have included this if I didn’t think it were true.

Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to happiness. Does that mean I’m great at doing this? No. Should I make an effort to be better? Definitely.

Find something every week that makes you uncomfortable and go for it.

I think what you will find is, after a few months or even years, you’ll struggle to find things that take you out of your comfort zone. You’ll find courage in your life, and you’ll be a happier person because of it. 

This is so much easier said than done! Remember, you’re talking to an introvert right now. 

8.  Go Outside

Studies show that sunlight increases serotonin. This hormone is said to boost your mood and improve your focus.

Sunlight plays such a large role in your state of mind!

One study found that people are often more depressed during winter months – when there’s less sunlight during the day. That’s CRAZY! Get outside and soak in the vitamin D. I believe you’ll find happiness in life outside of the four walls your used to seeing.

Read this article for more information >> Click Here 

9. Have a Routine and Be Productive

Morning routine

I used to be a night owl. Scratch that, I still am a night owl. However, I force myself to wake up early, now.

Waking up early has increased my productivity and caused me to feel more satisfied throughout the day.

Also, I plan for my day the night before. I know what my day is going to look like before I go to bed. I usually plan for studying my bible, making an Etsy listing, journaling, grocery shopping, etc.

This helps me to feel in control of my life and circumstances. It also helps me to actually accomplish things throughout my week.

Get stuff done, follow a routine, and enjoy the outcome of having everything under control. 

10. Let Go

Stop holding on to things that happened in the past.

This could be an embarrassing situation, a grudge you’re holding, or even disappointment in yourself.

Leave the past where it belongs – behind you.

Focus your attention in the moment you’re currently in and stop looking back.

I know better than anyone that sometimes you get stuck in the past. However, that doesn’t have to be you! Forgive, forget, find an outlet, and let it go. You’ll be much happier once you learn how to do this.

Contentment takes work! Start taking small steps towards becoming a happier person. 

I hope these small things have helped you with finding contentment in all seasons of life. Remember, happiness is a journey and you’ll never arrive at your destination. You’ll have ups and downs throughout the rest of your life. And that’s OK! You’re not alone! If you ever want to have a meaningful conversation, send us a message – We love making new friends!

I highly encourage you to read these books if you’re searching for motivation and fulfillment. Stop believing the lies and start making changes in your life!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

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Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your support!

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  1. Happiness is something we are all entitled to, and even though some people might not admit that happiness is the true purpose of life, we all naturally spend our life time making efforts trying to find happiness.

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