Best Product Photography Tips to Boost Your Sales

Best Product Photography Tips to Boost Your Sales

product photography tips

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I want to show you product photography tips that will boost your sales! But first, if you are opening an Etsy shop, get your first 40 listings FREE by clicking here.

In my opinion, product photography is the most important part of making online sales. It can make or break your shop. However, it’s not always something people know how to do. We want to help! We want to share with you all of the product photography tips and tricks we know to taking stellar product photos and boosting your online sales. 

Why is Product Photography important? 

90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. 

If I go to my shop stats right now, I can tell you for a fact that my most viewed items are the ones with the best pictures. 

It makes a big difference. Numbers don’t lie. 

The photo below is my most viewed listing and it’s also the photo I get the most compliments on. 

Product Photography Lighting

By now I’m sure you believe me and I’m sure you’ve heard “take good photos” a hundred times… but how? Let me fill you in on some of the tips that we use to boost our sales on Etsy and stand out in the vast sea of competition.

We currently make more sales than 83% of other Etsy sellers. I truly, 1 million percent, no doubt about it believe our pictures play a huge role in this. 

Here are some product photography tips that will hook the buyer and boost your sales >>

The Basics

  • Rule of Thirds 
    • Mentally divide your shot into 9 equal sections by splitting the photograph into thirds vertically and horizontally. Now, line up your subjects on those lines. Simple as that! Check out this article for a more in depth description:
      Rule of Thirds
  • Rule of Odds
    • Rumor has it that images are more visually appealing when there’s an odd number of subjects. For this reason, we often use 3 examples in our Etsy pictures and have found that it works! If you’re going to have more than 1 item in the picture, it may be smarter to go with 3 or 5. 
  • Keep the Focus
    • It’s all about keeping your viewer’s eyes on your subject. They need to have a smooth movement around the image, but still be pulled back to the subject. It takes practice but the more you do it, the better you’ll get. Make sure everything in the photo points back to the subject. 

Important Attributes of Photography

  1. Lighting

    • Photography translates into “light writing”, so naturally you want your lighting to be excellent. Natural light is the best option! Shooting inside? Find a window that gets plenty of natural light so you don’t have to use that ugly yellow house light. Shooting outside can be alright in some situations, but you want to avoid harsh, direct light as it can very easily wash out your subject and make for a poor image.

    • You can get some extra light with a couple of photography hacks. A piece of white foam board works great for reflecting natural light back towards your subject. You can also use a softbox light kit to enhance the lighting.

      We recently bought this lighting kit and absolutely love it. It makes taking pictures indoors a lot easier! If you’re on a budget, but looking for studio quality photos >> This kit is for you!
      Click Here to Purchase Softbox Lighting Kit on Amazon 
      Behind the Scenes Product Photography

  2. Setting / Styling

    • Your product background and placement is EVERYTHING. Remember K.I.S.S. (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.)? well it works here, too! The first thing you want to find is a background. Keep in mind that the focus is your product, so steer clear of a brightly colored, patterned background. Keep your backgrounds plain and simple. This doesn’t mean they have to be plain black or white, though. You want to match the theme of your object. We sell a lot of farm house décor, so old wood paneling or canvas make for nice backdrops that add a little character to the image without taking away from the product.
    • Props are a fun way to add flair to a product, but be sure not to add too many. You don’t want to distract from the subject; but if used correctly, props can help make your product look more professional. Boosting Sales with Good Product Photography
  1. Angles and Details

    • On Etsy, you have up to 10 photos; make sure you fill as many of those spots as you can. 
    • Product shots are a lot like selfies. Sure you can shoot from any angle you want, but not all of them are flattering to your subject. If you shoot too low, you get all those extra chins you didn’t know you had. Too high and you have the forehead of an alien! It works the same way with your product shots, which can make things tricky when your trying to fill up those 10 etsy slots. Here are some good angles to try:
      • Front
      • Profile
      • 3/4 (think Mona Lisa)
      • Low angle
      • High angle
      • Close up
    • Also, detail pictures are fun to take! You’ll surprise yourself with how many photos you can come up with when you start thinking of all the little details.Detailed Product Photography

Bonus Tip: Take TOO many pictures! You may think a photo looks awesome from your phone/camera screen… Then when you upload the picture it’s too dark or blurry. Take it from us – better safe than sorry. 

Photography is a world of its own and mastering it takes practice. Make sure your photos provide the customer with details, ideas of use, and desire! If you put time and effort into your product photography, I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in sales. Take the next step in boosting your shop and get those items desirable! I hope these product photography tips helped.

If you’d like to get detailed, high quality photos, I highly recommend this camera. Evan uses the D3400 and we love it. Click the link to check it out. 

Nikon DSLR Camera from Amazon

If you’re not ready to make a big purchase, that’s OK! Your phone can take amazing photos for now. 

This is another great article I found on product photography >> Product Photography on a Budget

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