Etsy Listing Tips for Ultimate SEO

Etsy Listing Tips for Ultimate SEO

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OK, you created your product… NOW WHAT?! 

Once you finish creating your product that you just know everyone is going to love, you have to take the step of creating the listing. Arguably the most important step of the entire process. If your Etsy listing components aren’t maximized for the best SEO, let’s face it – your product isn’t going to see the light of day. 

I want to help you avoid that problem. Below are all of the best Etsy listing tips I’ve gathered from the top Etsy sellers to optimize your Etsy shop. 

Remember, selling on Etsy is like running a marathon, not a sprint. It’s going to take trial and error. All you can do is learn and adjust. 

Warning: These are tips that worked for me. Everyone is different, so don’t change all your listings at once. If something isn’t working – change it up. If it is, don’t touch it. 

Etsy Listing Tips

#1 Photos

Your photos are so important when making sales! Make sure you take quality photos and follow the advice Etsy gives for size. Listing photos should be at least 2000 pixels wide. 

If you want a great, in-depth tutorial on photos – check out our post for great product photo photography!  

#2 Title

Your title should be specific and include long tail keywords. Just using the keyword “Keychain” isn’t going to get you views, but using “Beaded Macrame Keychain” might. 

Seperate your keywords with commas or the pipe symbol – “|”. 

Always use title case for a professional look. 

Only include words that are likely to be searched. Check out this article straight from the source itself >> Listing Titles

Do not stuff your title with keywords that are not likely to produce results. Your title should accurately describe your listing, and the words “Christmas gift” aren’t likely to give you results. It may just cause confusion for your customers. The more specific you are, the better results you will see. 

Example: Macrame Keychain – Beaded, Bag Clip, Bohemian / Boho, Suitcase Marker, Purse Clip, Backpack / Book Bag Accessory, Bag Tag

Non-Example: Keychain, white, christmas gift, gift for best friend, backpack 

#3 Category

Anything that narrows a shoppers search results is going to be good for you. When following this Etsy listing tip, make sure you’re as specific as possible when choosing a category for your item. 

Check out Etsy’s comprehensive list of categories

#4 Attributes

Be as specific as you can when using attributes. However, don’t list attributes that don’t properly describe your product. This may actually hurt your chances of getting seen!

If people check a box for christmas items and your product pops up, but has nothing to do with Christmas, Etsy will bump your item down in search because people aren’t clicking on it. 

Be specific, use as many attributes as you can, and most importantly, be accurate. 

#5 Description

Descriptions can be such a pain to fill out. However, they’re super important to SEO and customer satisfaction. 

Make sure you answer these questions when filling out your description: 

  • What is your product? 
  • Who is it made for? 
  • What is it made of? 
  • Size/quality? 
  • Occasions it can be used for? 

Be fun and sell it

#6 Sections

Create specific sections for your shop in order to optimize your SEO. Consider each section carefully and examine where your item will fit best. 

If you have multiple sections your item could fit into, place your item in the section that seems to be more successful. 

#7 Tags

When coming up with Etsy listing tips, the first thing that came to my mind is tags. Tags are extremely important for getting your products seen and clicked on. 

An Etsy tag is a short word or phrase you think people will type when searching for your product. 

Use long tail keywords in your tags! No one word tags – it’s a waste. 

Make sure your tags are relevant. Do not put “farmhouse decor” for one of your tags if your item has nothing to do with farmhouse style. 

Example: Macrame Keychain or Backpack Accessories 

Non-Example: Backpack or Keychain

#8 Pricing

Do your research before you price your item! See if you can compete, but make sure you’re not cutting yourself short. Remember, your main goal is to be profitable. 

Your pricing should be an algorithm. 

This blog post gives a great example for pricing your items on Etsy and following an algorithm. Don’t just guess! 

#9 Shipping

Etsy recently made it clear that they are prioritizing shops that offer free shipping on orders $35+. This means, you need to do your research and include shipping in your item prices. It is possible.

Find others in your niche and see what they’re doing. Make sure you stay competitive. However, you NEVER want to take shipping costs out of your pocket. 

If it’s just not possible, don’t panic. Do what’s best for your shop. 

These Etsy listing tips are simply suggestions, every shop is going to be different. 

#10 Experimenting 

When following these Etsy listing tips, remember to experiment with your own products. The same thing isn’t going to work for everyone. What works for me, may not work for your shop. 

This means you need to experiment with your items. 

Use different tags, title layouts, and descriptions for similar items and track which products are more successful. 

Tweak your listing components weekly and use your listing stats to help you

NEVER just guess, always use logic. 

Becoming successful when selling on Etsy takes time and consideration. Be patient and think smart. 

I hope these Etsy listing tips are helpful the next time you list an item in your shop! Let me know what I missed or what works for you. 

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