How to Use Pinterest for Business: Gain 150K Views in 1 Month

How to Use Pinterest for Business: Gain 150K Views in 1 Month

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If you’re an Etsy shop owner, then you know there’s something all shop owners have in common – They all want to know how to BOOST. THEIR. TRAFFIC. More traffic means more sales (which means more happy dances on your end). One way to do this is with Pinterest. If you’re not utilizing Pinterest, you need to start right now! This is how you use Pinterest for business and skyrocket your views. 

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How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business

  1. Set up a business account

    Setting up a business account will allow you to track your analytics and promote your pins. This can be really helpful when you’re wanting to promote a product launch or track how well an item is doing. When using Pinterest for Etsy, it is essential that you monitor your stats and push what seems to do well. 
    This is a great tutorial for how to set up your pinterest as a business account (either by converting your personal account or creating a new one) >> Pinterest Business Account
  2. Apply for rich pins

    Rich pins are important when using Pinterest for your business. They provide more context about your article or product right on the pin. Many pinners say they notice a boost in views once they switch to rich pins. This can be confusing, especially if this is your first time hearing of “rich pins”. Find out more information straight from the source itself >> Rich Pins

  3. Start a blog for your shop and start pinning posts

    This one is optional, but I highly recommend it. When you start pinning for your business, you’ll want to pin things other than products. A blog is a great source of traffic for your shop! Starting a blog is not easy; however, it can be a fun way to have your own website for your business. Also, blog posts do super well on Pinterest! You’ll get more viewers and your shop will slowly start to gain traffic from other sources. 
    You can blog about your process, how to use your products, what your day looks like, and more! Give everyone the inside scoop. People love authenticy. 
  4. Network

    This is important for growing followers and getting your name out there. Join group boards in your niche. Create group boards and market it on your other social media accounts. This will help your pins get seen! Also, followers will come and support you when you host a group board. Just be sure to manage the board and keep it tidy. 

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Market your business and learn how to utilize Pinterest the right way. Check out this book on Amazon and invest in yourself! 
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Gaining Views While Pinning for Your Business

Pinterest can be unpredictable. I once pinned a picture of Jon Snow and it got 16,000 impressions. Meanwhile, my blog post was sitting at 300 impressions and the crickets were chirping.

However, I figured out a system to boost my exposure, gain more followers, and start looking professional on Pinterest. I want to share all my tips and secrets with you, and give you access to a 14 page infographic guide for setting your Pinterest account up for success.

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Gain anywhere from 10,000-160,000 viewers, hundreds of followers, and larger engagement. I break it all down in this FREE guide! 

Check out some of these links and leave me a comment down below. 

Happy pinning 😉 

pinterest crash course


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