I went from having 3 orders to 19 orders in a matter of days because of 1 simple change…

I started planning my social media schedule.

I started posting engaging, consistent content – and guess what? People loved it. 

This is what I use to plan my weekly social media content, with analytics being tracked consistently. 

This planner provides space for each day of the week and was created for individuals with ALL different marketing methods. No one way works for everyone, so you choose what platforms you want to focus on. 

This is my personal strategy: 

  • Daily

    • Pin 20-50 pins
    • Create 5 pins of my own
    • Create an instagram story
    • Answer DM’s and comments
  • Weekly

    • Post to Instagram 1-3 times (Mon, Wed., Sat.)
    • Post to FB from instagram 1-3 times
    • Write a blog post (Sat.)


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